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1- Freight Forwarding

Using a carefully balanced mix of proactive, personal service, and technology-leading automated system interfaces, IMS ensures that cargo shipments are timely and visible at each step in the export process. IMS offers complete freight forwarding services, regulatory compliance, logistics management consulting with process analysis, carrier contract and rate management, all backed up by IMS unsurpassed customer care.


2- Stevedoring

Our stevedoring operation combine the appropriate balance of highly skilled experienced people and the right equipment to meet the changing demands of today’s diversified shipping industry. Our surveyors monitor proper handling and lifting including the use of proper equipment by stevedores for the loading and discharging job.

Our highly skilled and efficient stevedoring team is available to handle loading and discharging operations for improved productivity to achieve faster vessel turnaround. We would undertake to provide suitable gears and equipment for such jobs including: forklifts, ramp lift, lifts, lift truck, cranes and lashing.


3- Ship to ship transfer (STS).

We are fully compliant and ensure the operations happens safely and efficiently. One of our core strengths is understanding vessel dynamics, operability and logistics; this is underpinned by a respect for the countries and cultures in which we work. Our job is to manage and minimize the clients’ risk, every step of the way.


4- Chartering

Our chartering department represents Ship owners, industries and brokers around the globe and we strive to offer maximum vessel utilization and a safety first concept in our procurement of vessels and space. Our department which includes multilingual and experienced staff will strive to offer innovative proposals to meet the requirements of shippers and carriers alike.

We charter part and full cargo for all vessel types. We mainly cover the following goods: Steel production (re-bars, billets, HRC, WRC) minerals (salt, silica sand, Sulfur, Urea Vegetables and fruits (potatoes, citrus, onions) constructions, plants including heavy or super heavy-volume cargoes .etc..)

Our Strong network with professional international caterers, brokers, agent and owners around the world enables us to maintain an accurate account of current market levels and future market movement.


5- Shipping agency at all Egyptian ports

Our agency operates in all Egyptian ports – to ensure that ships have the fastest possible turnaround time. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide a highly reliable service to ship owners, operators, shippers and receivers. We deal with every type of commodity – timber, steel, bricks, project cargo, bulk cargo, large steel constructions, paper rolls, building materials and all kinds of palletized goods and containers.

With over 25 years’ experience in shipping agency work, we know how to meet challenges and solve problems in a resourceful way. Our objective is to ensure that your vessel will be served efficiently by highly committed and responsible people when you dock in any Egyptian port.

We offer:

  • Range of supplies.
  • Competitive D/A level.
  • Technical services.
  • Bunker and lubricant services.
  • Towage and salvage.
  • Stevedoring.
  • Medical assistance.
  • Comprehensive reports.
  • Crew change.
  • Spare parts clearance.
  • Technical supervision.

6- Door to door transportation.

We fulfill the requirements of our clients not only by providing a conference level of service using door to door transportation but also through offering competitive rates that enhance our customers' market Productivity.



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